Shaun Clarke Thatching Devon 
With his vast knowledge and expertise Shaun can carry out all aspects of thatching for any size of roof. With honest & reliable advice given as part of the initial roof inspection, you can be sure that you will receive the right recommendations for your thatch to properly maintain it. 

Complete Re-Thatch 

Should a complete re-thatch be required the entire existing thatch will be stripped off and professionally replaced with new material. 


Adding a new coat on top of the existing thatch. 


Adding or replacement of the ridge at the apex of the thatched roof, which can be a block or a flush design. 


Installing galvanised wire netting will prevent birds from nesting in your thatch. 


The replacement of any storm or animal damaged sections of thatch. 


Shaun can carry out a thorough inspection of your thatched roof and give recommendations of repairs needed. 

Written Surveys 

A comprehensive written survey of your thatch roof can be provided should you need it for insurance or mortgage purposes.  

Conservation & Estate work 

We work with you and the local authorities to ensure that any new thatch work is in-line with conservation guidelines, should your property be in a conservation area. Ensuring the correct materials are used on your roof. 

Out Buildings 

If you would like to add thatch to an existing out building or you would like to add a thatched roof to a gazebo or summer house we can advise you on the right pitch before build proceeds. 
How long will my thatched roof last? 
This depends on the material used the quality of work and your geographical location. However in general you can expect the following thatch materials to last: 
Water Reed 15-25 yrs 
Combed Wheat Reed 15-20 yrs 
Ridge 8-12 yrs 
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